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Mounts are creatures or objects that act as vehicles that a player can use for transportation or dealing damage. When a mount-summoning item is used, it applies an unlimited buff to the player, spawns the mount, and places the player on or in it. Mount movement can be controlled using the player's usual movement keys. Like Pets and Minions, mounts can be used limitlessly, and their summoning items are not consumed. Only one Mount can be in effect at a time. Mounts will unequip automatically when you die.

Mounts are affected by armor set Bonus effects, e.g., if riding a unicorn with full hallowed armor, the unicorn will have a pulsing outline (however, some dyes such as the Hades dyes can make this hard to spot).

Weapons and tools (as well as any other item, except Hooks) can be used while riding a Mount, with the exception of the Drill Mount. On the console version you can not use tools on mounts as the player will dismount.

All mount items can be placed in the mount slot and then summoned with Template:Key, and can be Dyed. Equipping a mount provides a short burst of light.

There are currently 12 Mounts, each with varying abilities and movement statistics. All mount summoning items have the Yellow rarity, except for the Shrimpy Truffle, having a Rainbow rarity due to it being from a Treasure Bag.

Mounts cannot have any prefixes or be reforged.

Types[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Item Mount Description Height (ft) source

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Item Mount Description Height (ft) Speed (mph) Source